New "Fashion Police" segment dedicated to late Joan Rivers #JoanRivers #MelissaRivers #FashionPolice

Melissa Rivers joined Fashion Police to follow her mother's steps and she did it with a sweet remind of her late mother, Joan Rivers by adding a segment called "What Would Joan Say". Guests of the show will have to guess, what the late star would have said about a celebrity's red carpet look.

Joan died unexpectedly last September at the age of 81. Melissa shares "There isn't a day goes by that I don't personally see something and think, "what would my mom say about this?"

Melissa opened the show on her knees, pretending to collect lint with a lint roller.

"Hi, yeah, it's been a little bit of a crazy year around here, and, well, I'm still cleaning up messes. But the good news is, 'Fashion Police' is back"

The show has had a few bumps since Joan's death.

Kelly Osbourne tweed to Melissa Rivers after the show, "congratulations on an awesome show tonight!"

Melissa River replied with a sweet response,  "I love you!!! The flowers are amazing and you owned the lavender carpet! Xxx"