The stylist and fashion director of Vogue Australia, Christine Centenera and her partner of 10 years Josh Good, the Australian designer decided to design  quality basics that don't cost an arm and the leg.  Finding really well-made pieces with reasonable prices is always a challenge shared Christine with Vogue Australia. 

The new brand  Wardrobe NYC  features 16 pieces ( eight for women and eight for men)  of high quality basics for men and women.  Everything is black or white, a palette Goot calls "democratic" and "solution-based".  Collection is something that you'd want to wear often.

“This is our way of saying to people, this season, this is what we think you should be wearing,” Centenera says, “Being authoritative is our way of providing a solution for people. I think that is a huge solution for people to get on with their lives and not having to be so challenged by what and how to put things together.”

WARDROBE.NYC is a conceptual composite of luxury essentials, distilled into their purest and most desirable form. Designed for a modern urban life, the line consists of in-season, cohesively styled wardrobes, priced without retail margins. Supreme in quality and produced in limited quantities, WARDROBE.NYC heralds a conscious and liberated model for the future of luxury.