When Virgil Abloh  first entered into the industry, he was not welcomed with open arms. At the time he was working with Kanye West, who was hardly taken seriously in the 2009 fashion industry. But the two were on the mission to Paris shows recognize them. So they turned to every show they could get to championing the streetwear culture.  

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Virgil explained, "We’re currently coming out of an era where high-fashion brands are inspired by us, and we’re just consuming what is registered back to us. With Off-White I made a conscious decision that I would not just be a consumer; I wanted to trailblaze and have one of us at the end of a Parisian runway saying, hey, put us on the timeline.”

Abloh is now at the top of his game with luxury fashion closely following his footsteps right now. Abloh has tapped into the youth culture and he is a champion of his game. 

He collaborates and gets inspired, he cites collaborators because he says,  “it feels more modern to specifically cite your influences in fashion; like, you’re saying, ‘this is my squad.’"

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With an initiative called Off-Campus, Virgil Abloh launched his new Nike collaboration – a 10-piece trainer collection that reworks iconic styles – earlier this year with a series of fashion workshops and panel talks hosted by some of the industry’s cult creative figures – Kim Jones, Grace Wales Bonner, Michele Lamy, Martine Rose – explaining about Abloh and  makes him so appealing to a contemporary audience.