David Bowie and Iman's Enduring Love Story

We begin the year with saying goodbye to a talented and beautiful soul.  Just days before David Bowie succumbed to a battle with cancer which was kept a secret, on his 69th birthday, his wife Iman took to social media with a quote: "Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Little did we know it was Iman's way of preparing herself for the worst and that is saying goodbye to the love of her love.

 Photographed by Bruce Weber,  Vogue , 1995

Photographed by Bruce Weber, Vogue, 1995

David Bowie and Iman are Hollywood's strongest couple. Bowie's music is his legacy and one of the most memorable things about Bowie is his love for his wife for more than 23 years. It was 1990 at the dinner party where David met Iman and in those first minutes of conversation he knew she was the one. As he often explained, he "was naming the children the first night we met."  

Eight years after tying the knot, Bowie and Iman welcomed daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones.  David was present for the labor and cut the umbilical cord.

They were a private couple, giving us a glimpse of their personal life from time to time into their home. Kissing and laughter was the key to married life according to David.

"We have fun with each other. He's very English in a way that he's a gentleman. David doesn't fight. He is English, so he just stays quiet. I'm the screamer. Then he always makes me laugh. It's like cabaret. I keep him entertained, too. I still fancy him—totally!— after all these years." Iman told Harper Bazaar 2010.
Their perfect nights were not Hollywood bashes, it was to stay in, cook dinner and spend time with their daughter. Bowieloved playing music with his daughter or at times Bowie painted and Imanwould needlepoint.

For David and Iman it was not a public image marriage, it was true feelings for each other. They were musician and a model couple and they were real.

We say goodbye to David who will no longer be with us, but the love between him and his wife Iman will live forever.