Sofia Coppola and Valentino opera debut with production of La Traviata in Rome

An interesting collaboration between film and fashion is taking place in Rome, Italy. Patron of the opera house, designer Valentino asked Academy Award winner and daughter of one of the legends of cinema, Sofia Coppola to direct an opera.

Why Sofia? Valentino invited Miss Coppola to direct La Traviata after watching her 2006 historical drama "Marie Antoinette".

The production preview is taking place today at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. It opens its doors officially on Tuesday, continuing until June 30. 

“I would never have had the courage to direct an opera but then Valentino asked me and I thought, what an incredible experience it would be to work with the Rome opera house and with all the beautiful costumes,”

Photo Credit: Danilo Scarpati

Photo Credit: Danilo Scarpati