VETEMENTS Newest members of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture

If you follow fashion and trends closely, you know that anything to do with Vetements
these days is sold out. In case you didn't notice, street style was booming with 
oversized sweatshirts and Vetements’s reworked vintage jeans . That is because 
anything brothers Gvasalia touch, turns golden. 
This season in Paris, brothers Gvasalia are scheduled to open couture week. 
The popularity of the pieced-together pairs has skyrocketed since the 
brand’s fall 2015 show. Oversized jackets, hoodies and dresses were all over street
style. Pieced-together jeans became the next "It" itemcreated by the brand. 
To make the jeans, Gvasalia brothers browsed markets for old style jeans.
As a result each pair of Vetements jeans is created out of two vintage pairs. To craft these pants,you'll need a pretty experienced tailor, hence the price on those babies. But not to 
worry, Gvasalia says, “I think we’re going to put the pattern online so people can 
actually download it and cut their own vintage jeans.” 
 It seems that the show we’ll see in July will present Vetements’s Spring 2017 
ready-to-wear collections for both women and men. Additionally: “The collection 
will involve different elements including some Vetements interpretations of couture.”
And PS, this won’t be a see-now-buy-now show, which would be sacrilege at couture,
but will be subject to “a normal delivery schedule.”