On your first date, Be Simple! Be You!

You get compliments every day on how pretty, stylish, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous you are. Your Instagram followers love your photos, the way you dress, the way you style, but there comes a time in every women's life when suddenly you forget all about compliments and you think of yourself as a grey mouse… Two words, 9 letters - First Date!!!. You have always been self-confident, strong and powerful, you follow trends and love fashion your friends always ask YOU for advice on how to mix colors, styles and etc. But all of it disappears when you are standing in front of your closet with one question -  WHAT TO WEAR ON YOUR FIRST DATE?

First rule that I'd like to follow is ‘simplicity’. Yes, simplicity. Would you want someone to notice your clothes before they notice you? I think Not. Don't let your clothes control you. You can be ultra feminine and sexy with simple pair of jeans, white tee and heels.

As a long time citizen of  London I can safely say Topshop is a perfect store to go to for that First Date look. You can purchase jeans and a tee in Topshop and it will cost you only 50 pounds. In Primark you'll find an amazing range of  jeans and t-shirts and they will cost only 25 pounds or even 15.  No need to run to Harrods and buy a Chanel dress, price of which equals to the length of your mobile number.

Rule #2: Two luxurious accents - Shoes and  a Bag.
Every girl has at least one expensive pair of heels- so go ahead and put them on. I'd like to mix up studded Valentino pumps. They give that edgy look and a perfect way to accessorize  an outfit without being too loud.
Use a small and delicate handbag. Perfect example, Louis Vuitton  (ALMA BB).

Rule #3 Get your nails buffed but not manicured, and definitely not painted red. (Red is the color that screams Attention!)  Put on a Tiffany key on your neck (you do not need the gold one, buy a small silver one!). No rings or bracelets neccessary.

Rule #4: Your makeup should be soft and natural. If you want to go for a cute but a bit dramatic look a slightly smoky eyes would do the trick. Add a neutral lip gloss.

And ladies, let's not forget Rule #5:  Perfume. Choose Pink Extasy Montale . It does not even need an explanation. Powerful, strong, sexy and unforgettable.That  little pink bottle of perfume does the magic! Be simple ladies! Be You!


Text by: Sirana Petrosyan