DIOR and I

 It was 7 o'clock in the evening when I arrived at Multimedia Art Museum,  located in downtown Moscow, near the Red square. I joined the crowd of fans to finally see the movie everyone talked about. As a graduate in the field of Fashion, I  too was excited to see the film. A long line of people crowded outside the museum. Despite -1 temperatures outside, everyone waited patiently to watch the movie. People were so excited to see 'Dior and I',  that no one even noticed the endless freeze. To my surprise the audience was so wide and different. Teachers, managers, drivers, housewives, doctors, designers, journalists, architects, all came to see it the film. This only proved that not only people in fashion industry are interested in high fashion.  Everyone loves and appreciates quality.

This film was truly inspirational and motivating. It showed talented creative director Raf Simons showing the world that it is possible to love what you do in the same way as you love your family. His ability to complete a new Haute Couture collection in a period of 8 weeks long, was truly amazing work done. The film shows what a real team work is all about and how it's possible to  love and respect each other even during tough times. It is also about true expression of love and passion.  It was impossible to watch 'Dior and I' without  getting emotional. People in the audience cried. Such a motivator  for everyone. After seeing the film, the impossible became possible for me and  I hurried home with only one wish in mind and that is to work, work, work without  breaks to live my dreams!

Text by: Sirana Petrosyan