History of Scandalous and Restricted Fashion Ads

Every yearAdvertising Standards Authority Law in UK restricts number of advertisements. Only recently fashion brandMiu Miu advertisement featuring 22 year old actress Mia Goth made the list of restricted ads. There is not much of the talk about this just yet. But let's take a look at other scandalous companies of the past.

Too sexy, skinny, young, naked, provoking - one or all could be the reason for advertisement restriction. People love to complain and keep Advertising committee busy. And it isn't just fashion industry we are talking about, everyone is struggling.

Oliviera Toscani Benetton, 1992.

As the saying goes, if everyone is complaining about an advertisement, that is because Tom Ford put his finger on it. When Tom Ford joined Gucci in 1994, he helped to stabilize company's finances, increasing sale almost up to 90%. His artistic collaboration with Karin Roitfeld and photographer Mario Testino brought the brand unbelievable success, but an equal amount of dissatisfaction. Especially an advertisement of the company in 2004 where log of Gucci appeared on the pubis of model Carmen Kaas and shortly after disappeared. During several days this advertisement was restricted for the world.

Not Ford, neither Roitfeldstop there. Tom was regularly in trouble with public and Karin, for last ten years of her work as an Editor of French Vogue, was blamed in pedophile, anorexia and racism propaganda.

Remember Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, year 2000, with nude Sophie Dahl?
She made the list of one of the 10 most provocative ads.

In 2002 Tom Ford tried to use men's nude body while trying to advertise fragrance M7 by Yves Saint Laurent. The penis was visible and it shocked the public, but Tom explained that fragrance is worn on the body, so he sees no reason to hide it.  In addition photograph copied a photo of Yves Saint Laurent back in 1971 where he posed naked for advertisement of men's perfume. A few of magazines published the ad.

Tom Ford kept going. In 2007 he releasedthe advertisement, photographed by Terri Richardson, featured a model with legs spread and a bottle of perfume between. This ad was restricted in several countries.

Up until year 2000 Calvin Klein was blamed for anorexia and very sexual young people on his ads. It began with legendary ad of 1980s with 15 year old Brooke Shields and jeans with nothing under it. Back then brand was forced to stop production of jeansfor eight years.

In 1992 company release a new ad featuring Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg which promoted unisex. Viewers decided it promoted anorexia. Eight years later, Calvin Klein was blamed for promotion of group sex. Two years later American TV restricted an ad for Calvin Klein's jeans.


Miu Miu came under fire when a dangerous subject came up in their latest advertisement. In its ads company photographs young actresses, many of whom look much younger for their age. Actress Mia Goth, 22 year old star of "Nymphomaniac", model for "Storm" agency and a friend of Shia Labeouf, looks very young and poses in a way which promotes sex. That was an opinion of viewers and committee agreed. Last week they restrictedposters in England.

Public sanctimony? Competition? We'll never know.

Text Miles Socho




Designer Martin Margiela in The Artist Is Absent Film

First screened at Tribeca Film Festival,  Film by Alison Chernick now streaming online. The history of the designer.

http://yoox.ly/1DBrzRt The exclusive documentary produced by YOOX Group and directed by New York filmmaker Alison Chernick. The film, selected for the 2015 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival reveals the true face of the enigmatic Belgian designer who appears here as never before.

The Director's Cut of Studio 54 makes its debut at the Castro Theater in San Francisco


 Seventeen years later The Director's Cut makes its debut at the Castro Theater in San Francisco during International Film Festival, as director Mark Christopher re-cuts 54 into the film he always intended to make. It includes 45 minutes of footage which reinforces the viewer to return to 1970s epicenter of sex, drugs, celebrities and disco palace with outstanding performance by Ryan Phillippe , Breckin Meyer , Salma Hayek  and Mike Myers.


San Francisco Film Society welcomed actors Ryan Phillippe, Breckin Meyer and director Mark Christopher at the screening of the movie this Friday. The atmosphere at the theater before, during and after the screening was alive and cheerful. It began with a speech from Executive Director of San Francisco Film Society, Noah Cowan who expressed his gratitude to the theater packed with people who came to see the movie.

54 showed  the story of a true friendship. A bartender (Breckin Meyer), a coat-check girl (Salma Hayek), and a busboy, their love triangle, and how they become family in a weird way.  Phillippe, who spends half the film naked to the waist as the young New Jersey kid who comes to "work" for the club symbolizes the sweaty disco dreams and sex and drugs ambitions of the time. Some of the footage of the movie was grained and that was because it was later found in the underground garage at the house in Los Angeles, Mark Christopher later shared with the audience. Mark also shared how he broke the news to Salma Hayek about the release of The Director's Cut and her response.

" What are you talking about? The movie was released 17 years ago", Salma said. Later adding  " Let's re-record the singing part".

What surprised you most after watching The Director's Cut at the Castro Theater tonight? the audience asked Ryan Phillippe.

"Outstanding performance of Mike Myers", Ryan replied.

Breckin was excited to share the kiss scene with Ryan and how he "looked forward" watching it together with his dad, who happened to be in the audience.

Both Ryan and Breckin were  excited to share their kissing scene with the audience since it was cut and replaced in the first release. "The kiss was never rehearsed" boys said.

Christopher recalled filming the scene with Christmas sparkles. It was memorable to him because of the amount of pain sharp and shiny glass sparkles caused while filming.

"Ryan was a star. He had an umbrella on top of him to protect his hair", Mark laughed.

What was the experience like during shooting?

Mark highlighted what  troopers Phillipe and Meyer were. Ryan, who had cold the day they were filming the last scene of the movie when he is out on the street naked to the waist. It was minus temperatures and the sun was not out yet. Breckin who also had cold while filming the money scene with Mike Meyers .

You could not have been left disappointed after watching The Director's Cut of 54. The movie was ahead of its time when it was originally released. It was a little hard for a wide audience back then which is understandable. San Francisco Film Society made an excellent choice and truly enjoyable experience watching the original version at Castro Theater in San Francisco.


Text by: Juliet Belkin

















Studio 54 - Are you glamorous enough?

Originally the Gallo Opera House , Studio 54 opened up in 1977  by founders and creators Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. It was a popular New York nightclub until 1981. In its 33-month existence the club populated by celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Andy Warhol. It was a wild success of the 70s. The key to a good party was filling a room with guests more interesting than you.  A born and raised New Yorker, Rubell was said to guard the club's door like his life depended on it, letting in only those he considered glamorous enough.

In 1998 American drama film written and directed by Mark Christopher about Studio 54 was released. It stars Ryan Phillipe, Salma Hayek , Neve Campbell and Mike Myers as Steve Rubell, the co-founder of the club. The film received a critical response to the Director's cut. Tonight International San Francisco Film Festival is bringing the screening of Director's cut to the screen at the Castro Theater and we are  excited to see! Check back for more excitement on Studio 54 coming soon.

Text by: Maria DeSilva

San Francisco Film Festival 2015 Kicks off today!

San Francisco Film Festival kicks off today with a finely curated selection of films from around the world. This year's program opens up with Steve Jobs: The  Man in the Machine. Movie about Steve jobs who died in 2011 and people who never knew him moved to tears by the death of a businessman who sold them products.
Festival includes a diverse program among those offerings are six films directly supported by the San Francisco Film Society through its innovative grant and residencies collectively known as Filmmaker360, as well as ten features and 27 short films destined for our Schools at the Festivals initiative, a national model for programs of its kind and part of our year-round Education department activity.


Text by: Maria DeSilva

Victoria's Secret new Angel - Meet Elsa Hosk.


Victoria's Secret got a new Angel and her name is Elsa Hosk. Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk (born 7 November 1988) is a Swedish model who worked for Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Ungaro, H&M, Guess and Lilly Pullitzer. Cool fact about this Angel, she played professional basketball in Sweden. Follow this angel's instagram @hoskelsa


On your first date, Be Simple! Be You!

You get compliments every day on how pretty, stylish, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous you are. Your Instagram followers love your photos, the way you dress, the way you style, but there comes a time in every women's life when suddenly you forget all about compliments and you think of yourself as a grey mouse… Two words, 9 letters - First Date!!!. You have always been self-confident, strong and powerful, you follow trends and love fashion your friends always ask YOU for advice on how to mix colors, styles and etc. But all of it disappears when you are standing in front of your closet with one question -  WHAT TO WEAR ON YOUR FIRST DATE?

First rule that I'd like to follow is ‘simplicity’. Yes, simplicity. Would you want someone to notice your clothes before they notice you? I think Not. Don't let your clothes control you. You can be ultra feminine and sexy with simple pair of jeans, white tee and heels.

As a long time citizen of  London I can safely say Topshop is a perfect store to go to for that First Date look. You can purchase jeans and a tee in Topshop and it will cost you only 50 pounds. In Primark you'll find an amazing range of  jeans and t-shirts and they will cost only 25 pounds or even 15.  No need to run to Harrods and buy a Chanel dress, price of which equals to the length of your mobile number.

Rule #2: Two luxurious accents - Shoes and  a Bag.
Every girl has at least one expensive pair of heels- so go ahead and put them on. I'd like to mix up studded Valentino pumps. They give that edgy look and a perfect way to accessorize  an outfit without being too loud.
Use a small and delicate handbag. Perfect example, Louis Vuitton  (ALMA BB).

Rule #3 Get your nails buffed but not manicured, and definitely not painted red. (Red is the color that screams Attention!)  Put on a Tiffany key on your neck (you do not need the gold one, buy a small silver one!). No rings or bracelets neccessary.

Rule #4: Your makeup should be soft and natural. If you want to go for a cute but a bit dramatic look a slightly smoky eyes would do the trick. Add a neutral lip gloss.

And ladies, let's not forget Rule #5:  Perfume. Choose Pink Extasy Montale . It does not even need an explanation. Powerful, strong, sexy and unforgettable.That  little pink bottle of perfume does the magic! Be simple ladies! Be You!


Text by: Sirana Petrosyan


DIOR and I

 It was 7 o'clock in the evening when I arrived at Multimedia Art Museum,  located in downtown Moscow, near the Red square. I joined the crowd of fans to finally see the movie everyone talked about. As a graduate in the field of Fashion, I  too was excited to see the film. A long line of people crowded outside the museum. Despite -1 temperatures outside, everyone waited patiently to watch the movie. People were so excited to see 'Dior and I',  that no one even noticed the endless freeze. To my surprise the audience was so wide and different. Teachers, managers, drivers, housewives, doctors, designers, journalists, architects, all came to see it the film. This only proved that not only people in fashion industry are interested in high fashion.  Everyone loves and appreciates quality.

This film was truly inspirational and motivating. It showed talented creative director Raf Simons showing the world that it is possible to love what you do in the same way as you love your family. His ability to complete a new Haute Couture collection in a period of 8 weeks long, was truly amazing work done. The film shows what a real team work is all about and how it's possible to  love and respect each other even during tough times. It is also about true expression of love and passion.  It was impossible to watch 'Dior and I' without  getting emotional. People in the audience cried. Such a motivator  for everyone. After seeing the film, the impossible became possible for me and  I hurried home with only one wish in mind and that is to work, work, work without  breaks to live my dreams!

Text by: Sirana Petrosyan

‘The Age Of Adaline’ Premiere

Talk about Lady in Red!

Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning in red Monique Lhuillier lace, leather and feathers red bodice gown at the premiere of her new movie "The Age of Adaline". In the movie Blake plays a women who does not age past 29 years after an accident.
"People are obsessed with beauty and youth and with looking and feeling young forever," Lively said. "But look at a woman who is granted that: She's trapped, because it's tragic to be young forever." Tragic or not, we think Blake is perfect for the role and looked gorgeous on the red carpet for the premier. Will you watch the movie?

Text by: Miles Socho

Celebrity Moms

Celebrity or not, being a mother is the best time that can happen to a women. But being a celebrity and a mother is a difficult combination. Just imagine being called to Wisconsin for two weeks like Angelina Jolie and work 14 hours a day on set without seeing your little ones. Besides concentrating on the job these celebrity mommas know how to get around everything to be with their kids. We gathered a few images of celebrity moms we love to follow. Which celebrity momma are you most compatible with?

Text: Maria DeSilva

 Founder Joliegazette.com ,  Juliet Belkin with daughter

Founder Joliegazette.com ,  Juliet Belkin with daughter

 Executive Editor Joliegazette, Rena Leinov with son

Executive Editor Joliegazette, Rena Leinov with son

Fashion Illustrators to watch

If you are a fan of fashion, it's likely that you are a fan of Fashion Illustrators. Why? Because Fashion originates with illustration, drawing and painting. Back in the day before the Internet and great cameras, fashion illustrators were essential for showing a designer's creations. Today you find fewer true fashion illustrators.  I am a huge fan of fashion sketches and follow a lot of wonderful artists on Instagram and I believe the art of fashion drawing itself will never die, no matter how advanced technology gets. Illustrating will always be importants as it gets idea out of your head and makes it alive on  paper. I share with you a few of my favorite artists.

by Juliet Belkin, Founder







A Taste of Paris in the South

Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art presents “Oscar De La Renta: His Legendary World Of Style.” This is the first time that Oscars' work has been on display since his passing in October 2014.  The pieces celebrated in this exhibition were designed for dear friends and loyal clients, even Taylor Swifts dress from the Met Gala 2014 is showcased.  Oscar De la Renta's relationship with SCAD stems back 14 years, to when he won the Andre' Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement award during the fashion show in 2001. 

According to SCAD museum of Arts curators; "Oscar took a personal interest in our students. They have learned from him, and SCAD is humbled to commemorate his love for our students with this resplendent exhibition.”


Text by: Joanna Bellamy

Burberry exclusive runway collection launches today in L.A

Stars are gathering tonight for British luxury brand Burberry a tthe Griffith Observatory for its "London in Los Angeles" show and garden party.  The event is hosted by Burberry Chief Executive Christopher Bailey who designed an exclusive collection of red-carpet-ready evening wear for men and women. The collection will be available after in limited quantities at Burberry's Rodeo Drive flagship. This "London in Los Angeles" runways show will be grand!

“The runway is no longer just a runway, it’s now a force for change in politics,” Anna Wintour


Print Journalism is in this women's blood. Her father Charles was the editor of the London Evening Standard from 1959 to 1976. She began her career at Harpers and Queen in London (now Harper's Bazaar) Today she is Anna Wintour of Vogue, The Anna!

Nicknamed "Nuclear Wintour" (owing to her cold demenour) Ms. Wintour loves to wear same ensemble time to time and she too made a few mistakes back in the day.

Vintage Anna with iconic pageboy haircut.

In 1986 Wintour became chief editor of the Condé Nast-owned British Vogue in London. "I want Vogue to be pacy, sharp, and sexy, I'm not interested in the super-rich or infinitely leisured. I want our readers to be energetic, executive women, with money of their own and a wide range of interests,"


"The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying"  Anna Wintour


"I am certainly very competitive. I like people who represent the best at what they do, and if that turns you into a perfectionist than maybe I am." Anna Wintour


Text by: Maria DeSilva


2015 Tribeca Film Festival Opening

Supreme Courhouse in New York was lit up with movie stars and models who arrived for the opening of Tribeca Film Festival. Some of the biggest and favorite names who attended, Robert De Niro, Diane Von Furstengerg, Fran Leboowitz, Ivanka Trump. Stars waved on the red carpet before heading inside for drink, dine and toast the filmmakers. Flip through the gallery for photos.

Photo Credit: VanityFair