Vincent Cassel and his 20 year-old lover Tina Kunakey are in Love

Vincent Kassel's desire to look young and daring is understandable -he and Tina Kunakey have a difference of 31 years. He is 51, she is 20. However, by today's standards, it's all good.

Italian model Tina Kunakeya has a serious career in the fashion world. She was born in Sicily, in the Italian family and native of Togo, a country located in West Africa. When Tina was 15, she moved to Madrid to study at the Lyceum. She spoke no Spanish. Now Tina calls Madrid her favorite city, and speaks Spanish flawlessly - as well as English and French.


"My father Robin was born in Morocco, but comes from Togo. He grew up in France. My mother is Nadia from Sicily. They met in Toulouse and immediately fell in love with each other, "says Tina. She has a brother and sister, Cassandra and Zachary. The family has a wonderful relationship. "I think they are all proud of me. My family supports me very much, and it helps me to live. I also want for them all the best and always tell them that as long as they are happy, everything is fine with us. "

Tina does not hide her relationship with Vincent Cassel, whom she has met year and a half ago. "Sometimes two people who are in the same place at the same time, are attracted to each other. Such surprises can present life"