Priyanka Chopra Will attend Meghan Markle wedding

The royal wedding is less than a month away and Priyanka Chopra has finally answered the question everyone was anticipating an answer for: is she attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding? 

Yep, the answer is Yes. The actress and humanitarian confirmed exclusively to PureWow that she’s headed to London to support her soon-to-be-royal bestie on May 19: “I’m just really happy and excited to be sharing her big day with her. I’m just super happy about it.” 


And we want to know what she's picked out her dress to be? Chopra said she hasn't picked out a dress yet, she is still in the process. 

Priyanka also added “I just think that what has happened with Meghan and her just falling in love with the guy of her dreams has sort of changed the world from being a little cynical to being a little soft. Like I said in Time, her wedding is making us believe in fairy tales.” Amen. 

“Her wedding is not her accomplishment, but what it stands for, for the rest of the world and for girls from all over the world, is belief and dreams. I think her accomplishment is everything that she’s been able to achieve as an actor and a philanthropist. This step in her life just gives the world hope and faith.”