Women of All Shapes and Sizes Re-Create the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a yearly event with the most beautiful women, models on planet earth walking the runway. These ladies are extremely tall, with flat abs and long and silky hair. There is a always a Victoria's Secret model type girl among us, but there is beauty in every women. This group of women put together their own Victoria's secret show to celebrate every women. They spend hours glamming up with the help from professional make-up artists and hairstylists and just like the angels they wore wings.

Model Tess Holliday made her first appearance on runway, saying that no one had given her the opportunity to do so before.

“I love watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but yes, I wish they included more body types,” one woman said, reflecting after having worked the runway in the re-creation show. “I think today goes to show that no matter what you’re wearing, no matter how your hair is, or how tall you are, if you think you’re beautiful – who cares what everyone else thinks. It’s about how you feel.”

Great work ladies!