First the presidential election, then Kanye West's bizarre rant on stage in Sacramento, then his hospitalization and finally Anna Wintor. Wait, wasn't she the one visibly sobbing when Trump won? What hides behind the meeting that took place on Tuesday at Trump tower?

When asked by reporters, Kanye simply replied " I just want to take a photo". Perhaps his mission is to be buddies with President Trump and his family to prove Jay Z and Beyonce (whom he went after during his rant on Sacramento stage), that he too has a President friend? After all, Michelle Obama and Beyonce are friends and were regulars at the White House. Jelous much? If you ask us, the man is quiet insecure.

In terms of Anna, all roads could lead to Melania. Wintour already put her on the cover of Vogue once before. No doubt she is working on to do so again. Politics and money indeed make strange bedfellows.