Belz Hasidic Dynasty Wedding Celebrated In Jerusalem

Happiness to newlyweds: the wedding of the grandson Rebbe with the granddaughter of the Rebbe - a descendant of Abraham, Isaac,  thrilled thousands of religious Jews in the city of Netanya and has presented a unique opportunity to peek into the world of wedding ceremonies in the orthodox sector

British website "Daily Mail" called the Hasidic wedding from Netanya, the wedding of the year and posted ceremony photos on its front page. Headline article read: "Covered with lace and beads Jewish bride was led by strap to wed her husband, while being watched by thousands of men." The article included more than 25 photographs and described in detail, "an unforgettable ceremony»

The ceremony, entitled "mitzvah-dance" is to bring the bride with a long strap. During the ceremony, the bride enters the place of the marriage, while all the relatives are happy and dancing around it. The ceremony was watched by thousands of men. Ballroom was divided with translucent wall, behind which sat woman.

The use of mobile phones during the ceremony was strictly prohibited.