Entrance prohibited for men or first nightclub for women with non-traditional orientation

As we know Victorian Era with it's puritanical upbringing was soon replaced with the era of a completely radical views on life.
This period is now called the " Roaring Twenties". It was then that Paris was directly associated with license and careless attitude towards life . It was then the first nightclub opened that welcomed gay visitors.
Le Monocle was the first nightclub whose regulars were visitors dressed in men's clothes. The club was located in the southern part of Paris Montparnasse. Dressed in men's tuxedos and short bobbed hair all club members wore monocles, at that time it was a distinctive sign in Paris for women who preferred to have 
free relationship. Hence the name of the club. Another distinctive sign of a nontraditional women were white carnations worn in the tuxedo pocket.
" Le Monocle " was hugely popular until the beginning of World War II. When Germans took over, the struggle with homosexuality began and all the "non-traditional" clubs were closed.
The club was re-opened in the post war year and was name "The New Monocle", with location on the Boulevard Montmartre . Everyone was welcome regarding the gender. Unfortunately it did not gain the success it had originally.