The Shannara Chronicles

This year is starting off with a new fresh outlook, and a whole new set of actors to pick as our heart throbs.  New to MTV, The Shannara Chronicles, has aired its first couple of episodes, presenting post-apocalyptic fantasy, action, unchangeable destinies, and love triangles.  Lead by Austin Butler AKA Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend, and Poppy Drayton, this duo has come into the television scene with a strong chemistry to parallel their character’s strong willed selves as they battle evil to protect the lands. Unlike most fantasy shows, The Shannara Chronicles battle with breaking the stereotypical hero and damsel in distress concept.  We not only get to see a realistic and gullible male lead, but we get to relate and look up to a strong and independent female lead.  Whether you watch the show for the constant drama, or even for the shameless action that we all sort of love, the cast and wardrobe itself is good enough reason to tune in on Tuesday nights.