Diana's heartbreaking last words revealed by her Butler #Diana #PrincessofWales

Paul Burrell, butler of ten years to Princess Diana opened up about his last conversation with the princess before she tragically died in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Paul Burrell shared that Diana was surrounded by "desperation" and "loneliness" Before leaving, Diana asked Paul, "You will be there when I get back won't you?" in a tone that very much concerned Paul.


In his tell-all book, The Way We Were, Burrell added that although it was suspected that Dodi and Diana had a great romance, that was mere speculation. 

"The true love of her life, her soul mate, was a heart surgeon called Hasnet Khan," Burrell told ABC News. "She met him while she was visiting someone in the Royal Brompton Hospital. The elevator was about to close and someone stuck their foot in it. The doors opened and she looked into his eyes and said, 'I knew there and then.'"

Burrell says Khan was "the one man that could have helped her the day she died." A few days after her car accident, Khan called him, devastated, saying that he wish he had the chance to perform the procedure on her ruptured aorta.

Burrell says Khan called him crying, "I could have saved her! I could have saved her!"

Text Miles Socho