“I am Cait” Finally Premieres #IamCait #CaitlynJenner

Sunday night, the first episode of the eight part docuseries premiered, chronicling Caitlyn

Jenner’s transition into life as woman. The episode featured many emotional moments and

laughable scenes, but most importantly a woman who finally felt free to be herself.

Jenner opened the episode expressing her hopes as she begins her new lifestyle and

becomes a member of the transgender community.  

"What a responsibility I have towards this community," Jenner says as the premiere begins.

"I just hope I get it right."

Throughout the episode we finally see Jenner and family members Kylie, Kim and Kanye

meet. Jenner’s mother, Esther, shares some very intimate and heartfelt moments on

Jenner’s transition.  

The show ended with a special moment of Jenner visiting the home of Kyler Prescott, a

transgender 14-year-old who took his own life earlier this year. She opens up on her own

suicidal thoughts and struggles.

Text by Jada Culver