Kanye West’s Response To Meeting Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s highly anticipated reality show “I Am Cait” premieres this Sunday on E! and

we’ve got a sneak peek into the moment Kanye and Caitlyn met for the first time.

In the scene the “All Day” rapper and wife Kim Kardashian visit the 61-year-old at her

Malibu home. Upon seeing Jenner, Kanye flashes a huge smile.

“What up?!” Kanye says happily. The 38-year-old dad looks at Caitlyn and says, “I think this

is one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings, that

are so controlled by perception.” He continues, “You couldn’t have been up against more.”     

We’re applauding Mr. West on this one!

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