Je Suis Juliet

Je Suis initiative is aimed at bringing together artists from around the globe into one place.
We welcome fashion designers, artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, illustrators, musicians, makeup artists, interior designers, all creative minds to share talent with us and with each other.

I look forward to meeting you all!


Occupation: Founder/Creative Director of JOLIEGAZETTE.
Instagram: @julietbelkin

Where were you born?
On the shore of the Caspian Sea.

Where do you live now?

In one sentence what is unique about your work?
It breathes with passion.

Why do you do what you do?
Every day I am inspired by talent I meet along the way because every one of you offers a sanctuary of beauty to the world we live in today.

What inspires you?
Art, Talent, Passion.

Describe your personal style.

Your ultimate must-have.

What superpower would you have and why?

What is next for you?
Lots and lots of possibilities.

Want to ask me a question, send me a note to