Je Suis Leslie Zemeckis

Occupation: Entertainer (a LA actress, writer, director, producer. I tell stories)

Instagram: @lesliezemeckis

Where were you born?

Southern California

In one sentence what is unique about your work?

I shed light on mostly marginalized, often stigmatized, women entertainers, focusing on the early 20th century in America.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I am passionate about sharing stories about incredible, interesting people the world has forgotten or never really knew. History is everything. A lot of these performers were never given their due when they were alive and its time we re-evaluate the terms we apply to them and their professions and the automatic assumption people make when they hear "burlesque" "Stripper" "freaks" "circus" "animal trainers".

What inspires you?

Bold, colorful people who dance to the rhythm of their own song.

Describe your personal style.

I don't define myself.

Your ultimate must-have.

Passion, adventure, friends, family.

What superpower would you have and why?

To live forever.

What is next for you?

My film on the world's first female tiger trainer Mabel Stark. She started in the early 1900s and worked until 1960s. There wasn't an inch of her body that was not scarred by her beloved tigers. “Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer” will premier in February. - I fell in love with Mabel and heavily researched her. This is a true story of love, betrayal, bravery. And I'm in the process of writing two books, one burlesque related, and if that's not enough shooting a sizzle reel for my possible next documentary.