Je Suis Irving Green


Occupation: Actor & Writer.

Instagram: @IrvingGreenLA.

Where were you born? 
Miami, Florida.

In one sentence what is unique about your work? 
When I work, creativity and imagination are in full control so it's always one hell of a ride!


Why do you do what you do? 
I live to create and entertain. I honestly can't think of any other career that really feels as natural as being in the entertainment business does. Through all of the experiences in my life - the good, bad and otherwise - I know that one of the reasons things happen as they do is to allow me to use those experiences to be the most aware, open and unafraid in my acting. In the end, I do it because it truly cannot be avoided.

What inspires you? 
Going to the movie theater inspires me the most. that is my earliest memory of wanting to become an actor. Now I couldn't tell you what I was watching, because I certainly don't remember. However, I do remember leaving the theater feeling like I was transported to another world for those couple of hours. Even now as an adult, going to the movies still gives me chills.

Describe your personal style. 
I love clothes. So much! Our style is our primary introduction when we see people, especially meeting someone for the first time.  So my style really just depends on how I'd like to be perceived that day. I'd say it ranges from slightly upscale to modern casual with one piece, be it the shoes or another accessory being the star of that particular outfit that day.

Your ultimate must-have. 
My gaming systems. Mainly my Playstation 4. Oh gosh, it's like the ultimate immersive relaxing experience. #Overwatch. That and cheese! Mmmmm!


What superpower would you have and why? 
Okay, first of all I'm a huge geek. I'm obsessed with Batman and the X-Men. So I'd have to say the ability to shape shift into anything by just looking at someone or something. Like Mystique. Just imagine all the things you could do, places you could go and people you could meet by walking in someone else's shoes at will.

What is next for you? 
Currently slated for this year I have a film I'm starring in that shoots on the east coast that I’m very excited for. That along with my other creative endeavors such as my board game, Horror High, are really looking promising.

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