Royal Tailor: Prince Charles Will Participate in the creation of an eco-friendly collection of nettle clothing


Presentation of a collection of 10 things will be held as part of London Fashion Week.
Turns out Prince Charles, is quiet fashionista. The heir to the British throne always carefully watches his wardrobe, prefers to sew costumes to order from fabrics produced by small local workshops, and stores things very carefully (he still has shoes purchased in 1971, and a costume made in 1984 ) .

And in the spring of 2018, Charles met with the British eco-brand Vin + Omi, developing an innovative “green” textile, and discussed with designers the possibility of creating eco-friendly nettle fabric that grows in his family residence.

The prince is not the first to propose using nettles in the interests of light industry. Experts note that nettle textile fibers resemble flax, but they are much stronger, do not shrink after washing and practically do not rot (and do not burn the skin, of course!). Nettle textiles have existed for many years, and recently the H&M brand has come up with a similar initiative, which has developed a program to use grass growing in Kenya.

The founders of Vin + Omi call the experience of working with the Prince "surreal." “We have nothing to do with the establishment,” Omi notes. - Our style is Camden punk of the 80s. I mean, we're not even Gucci or something. ” To realize the idea, the designers invited students to collaborate who managed to collect about 3,000 nettle bushes, after which it was processed into fabric, which we quote “you can easily take for alpaca or very thin wool”.
“She's thin, airy,” Omi says, “you won't recognize nettles in her.”
This is the whole point - to create modern clothes from waste. ”