Jolie For President?



Angie for President? Why not? According to a new interview in which the actress and human-rights advocate said she wouldn’t rule out running for office, we will not be surprised. Jolie has worked with the U.N.Refugee Agency and served a decade of work as a goodwill ambassador. In addition she set up the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative.


“Never say never,” Jolie told People about taking her longtime advocacy work to the next level.

She recently addressed the U.N. Peacekeeping Ministerial in New York for the first time, giving a speech about the importance of involving women in the peacekeeping process. “If we went by the principle that those affected by a problem should be in charge of determining the solution, then the majority of the world’s peace negotiators, foreign ministers, and diplomats would be women,” she said. “There can be no peace and stability in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world that involves trading away the rights of women.”

For now Jolie’s next movie is the Maleficent sequel, which comes out in October—after that we will see who will rule the world, or United States for starts.