You Too Can Attend New York Fashion Week. Find Out How!

Fashion week is upon us and a number of models, stylists, editors, influencers, buyers, creatives are putting together Fendi Logo outfits to get on that front row or street style shot.  And while they are getting ready we thought we'd give you some dits on how you can become a guest.


1. Get on that waitlist

Find the show that you want to attend, go there and get yourself on the waitlist. There is an 80% chance you will get inside, so don't be shy to try.


2. You have internet, start Pitching PR Agencies + Designers: 2-3 Weeks Before

Research online for a publicist who is representing the brand  or fashion house whose show you want to see. Shoot them an email, if you are a blogger then pitch that to them, tell them demographics of your blog, introduce yourself and you maybe surprised to get an invite in the email to attend the show. It may be a standing entry , but who cares right? Don’t stress! Standing tickets are actually sometimes better then those who get actual seats because 10 out of 10 times not everyone shows up to the show, so they use the Standing people to fill in the empty chairs.


3. This is also the best time to download the Fashion GPS app. Majority of brands use this app to send ticket requests and seat assignments, in addition to via email. Shows you RSVP yes too will pop up in there and it’s an easy way to keep your schedule organized. When you arrive to the shows, a lot of times you’ll need to scan your barcode thing, which can be found right in the app.