When Digital is Not Enough

We are used to live in a virtual world where services are provided by bots and algorithms and software, not people. Where you can download music and books. Where you can share your life with friends and unknown people. It's amazing. And, clearly, we cannot go back.

On the other side we often read that digital and e-commerce are killing the analog and the brick and mortar.

Print magazines and brick and mortar stores are shutting down. True.

A new mindset is evolving and, all those products and places that are not qualitative nor appealing nor innovative will disappear.

It's not a direct impact of digital. 

It's rather the lack of customer experience and service, the product-centric approach that are creating troubles to the weakest players.


In fact:

- E-tailer Matches Fashion  is going to open a a 6-floor concept space in London Mayfair

- NAP launched in 2004 Porter, a print magazine

- The New Yorker (monthly audience +18%) is Conde Nast best performer


- E-tailer Luisa Via Roma is still open with the shop in the eponymous street in Florence - E-books industry never really took off

Quality, interesting contents, authentic purpose and service to the customers is what make the difference.

It's not the medium. It's the quality of the content.


Susanna Nicoletti for Joliegazette - a fashion and luxury marketing, communication and digital senior professional in the industry with boutique consultancy www. thefashiondispatch.com