This cute bridal slipper was designed by Birdies for Meghan Markle's Big Day

Ever wished for that one pair of slippers you could wear while hosting guests at your house and be comfortable? They are here and they are called Birdies, an affordable footwear brand that designs comfy and beautiful  flats that can transition from a day spent lounging to a day in the office effortlessly.

Adorable name isn't it? but that' not all. An avid fan of the brand is soon to be the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Birdies' Meghan Markle slippers  are part of  Spring/ Summer collection and were designed in honor of one of their favorite fans.

Markle loves her classic Blackbird Birdies and were spotted wearing them on several occasions, She styled them with dresses, jeans, coats and no matter how she styles them they look so chic.

"She effortlessly incorporates these chic slippers into the understated elegance she is known for, embodying the grace and ease that defines Birdies." says the brand.

We created a new type of footwear — a slipper made for the entertaining space for your home. Birdies are fashionable yet incredibly comfortable.” In other words, they’re like the silk pajama sets—which are now totally acceptable to wear out and about if properly accessorized—of footwear. Indeed, each pair boasts a plush faux shearling liner on the inside while the selection of color and pattern options you can pick from is super trendy. From all-over cheetah to olive green camouflage, the prints are super funky. There’s also a range of styles with cool embellishments — from tassels to silver embroidery — so if you’re not into in-your-face prints, there’s something for you. Taking on the appearance of an elevated smoking slipper, the shoes can be worn with everything from nice dresses to casual pants and beyond.
— Birdies

The best part of Birdies is that they're slightly pricier than a pair of shoes from ASOS or Urban Outfitters might be. $140 for a Royal Slipper is a steal!