Fight breaks over Balenciaga Triple S sneaker

Balenciaga brand had an apology to issue in a statement.

“The house of Balenciaga regrets the incident that took place yesterday morning at a department store in Paris while customers were waiting to enter its corner shop. The security staff acted immediately to restore the calm. Balenciaga sincerely apologizes to the customers who were present and reaffirms its strong commitment to respect equally all its customers.” 

The apology followed after a video clip of a violent incident erupted in Paris at Printemps where Chinese shoppers lined up for a chance at buying Balenciaga Triple S sneaker. Yes, the ugly sneaker fashion world has gone crazy for. 

Video shows French shoppers attempting to enter, bypassing a line of Chinese customers waiting for their turn. 

“Boycott Balenciaga discriminating against Chinese. Really angry, queuing up and yet get hit by the people cutting in line. From now on, buy Chinese Li Ning ,” the video caption read, adding that Balenciaga would not be able to sell its shoes if Chinese consumers stopped buying them.

The official Printemps Instagram account has filled up with various angry comments, saying “shame on you.”

The department store also issued an apology via Chinese social media.

“We deeply regret the altercation that occurred yesterday in Printemps, which is in strict contradiction with the experience we are committed to offer to our customers. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the Chinese customers involved in this altercation as well as to all those who were upset or inconvenienced in any way,” it said.