The second Couture collection, created by Creative Director at EDEM, Daniil Berg, is called Nightshade. This flower and berry deserves particular attention for the experiments they inspire. Sporting forms appeared on the scene in the mid twentieth century and were manifested in dress silhouettes, worn by the famous opera singers like Maria Callas, whose shadow would fill the stage as rays of light cut through the darkness of night in the best theaters of the world. Nightshade. Expertise, calculated timing and precise choice of color and materials, brought about a radically new formula for evening dress. One gown combines elements such as a hood, a corset, skirt, piping, train and molding. It is made with luxurious lace, woven in exclusive European factories, raw silk, the finest velvet and veiling, hand-sewn with gemstones, beads and sequins. Another distinguishing feature of the collection are the contrasting colors and textures: noble-looking navy and indigo, Marsala and mother of pearl, coal and ivory and the classic scarlet dress. Jewels were especially made in the form of bees – creatures, without which nightshade would not exist, they pollinate it and share the nectar.

“No more bees, no more man”, warned Nostradamus. Without sport and beauty, there will be no world. This new futuristic collection consists of thirty unforgettable colors and berries of nightshade, whose taste and effect you’ll discover only by trying, so let us know.