Je Suis Mathilde Favier

Occupation: PR Manager at Dior Couture, in charge of celebrities worldwide.
Instagram: @mathildefavier

Where were you born?
Born in Paris from French parents. Typical French education. Raised in a girls religious
school. Two sisters: Pauline Favier and Victoire de Castellane. Keen on family values and sense of good education.

In one sentence what is unique about your work?
My life style is dedicated to my job life.

Why do you do what you do?
I love my job. I do it with heart. When I love people
I want to get the best of them and to make it grow.
This is my pride. I always worked in fashion and have
always been keen of human relations.

What inspires you? Uniforms, 60's and 70's, Ethnic fabrics, crafts, travels, luxury, navy blue and

Describe your personal style.
I could be a heroine of 'Les Parisiennes'from Kiraz.
Classical bases, with a sexy twist of something.

Your ultimate must-have. The right jean, a navy blue cashmere sweater, a trench
coat, flats ballerinas.

What superpower would you have and why?
I would love to be eternal and to have the superpower
to cure people.

What is next for you?
Life knows it better than me.