Je Suis Ara Vartanian

Occupation: Jewelry Designer
Instagram: @aravartanian

Where were you born?
I was born in Beirut and grew up in
Brazil. I've lived in Switzerland and
I've worked in the financial markets in the US. In 2000 I returned to São Paulo and to the jewellery market working as
a stone trader for the my family's business. Later in 2004 was when I started my own business creating and producing jewellery for my own brand.

Where do you live now?
I live in Sao Paulo but I'm going very often to London where I'm opening my first store in Europe.

In one sentence what is unique about
your work?

I believe that the uniqueness of my work is related to the base of my creative process which is all about developing a connection to the gem and respecting it through the design of the structure.

Why do you do what you do?
Growing up with my family business background, my revelation as creator came from the observation of the stones. For my family connection with the high
jewelry I was encouraged in my relationship with the rough material and started to feeling the stone in a different way. I understood that there is an intrinsic value across the surface of the diamond, for example, and that's when I started to reverse the diamond, today being the inverted diamond a hallmark of my creations. To feel that my inspirations were not related to conventional practices, I realized it was time to have my own brand and encourage this creative process that came so spontaneously from

What inspires you?
My creative process does not follow any specific fashion trend, it’s all about the stone and respecting it through the design of the structure. I need to have this relationship for me to give my best. My connection to the piece of jewellery is so strong that I often feel a void when it is sold. Knowing that I will never see the piece again is actually hard for me. I like to think that they have aggregated love and design. First it's the relationship with the stone, finding it and the challenge of actually acquiring it, then because of my involvement with the stones, I need to give them the best and most worldly design each deserves and once the piece is finished and sold, it’s simply gone. The biggest drive of designing jewelry to me is the curiosity of the final result....I never really know how its going to end up.

Describe your personal style.
I define my style as a free style. However I'm probably influence by allot of the vintage objects I collect, such as old cars, old motorcycles, old furniture and lamps...hmm what else… valve equipped stereo equipment from the 50s that I like to listen to.

Your ultimate must-have.
I recently found and acquired a ultra rare rounded Ethiopian Opals. I've designed an earring with them combined with inverted fancy grey diamonds and white diamonds set on Hook Earrings. It was a huge challenge to design this piece. I have no words to describe how beautiful it is swinging from side to side with the different hues of colors. One lucky lady will have it soon... Wish I could keep this one.

What is next for you?
I'm very excited with the opening of my new store in London. London provokes reinterpretation and creativity. The main drive behind my work is originality and audacity; this city sharpens my creativity.