Upon entering Yuka Uehara's top of the Nob Hill loft in San Francisco, we were pleasantly surprised by green tea prepared for us by Yuka's well-respected Japanese film producer and director father, Ryuji Fukuyama, grand piano and a room filled with brilliant designs by Yuka's young, but already successful brand TokyoGamine. She is a Japanese born, San Francisco based designer whose gowns are a true work of art. Her hand-painted couture dresses have caught the eye of San Francisco. Yuka has been working in fashion ever since she began helping out her father at the costume department for his film production company. Film and storytelling still informs her creative practice as she is a firm believer in the relationship between costume and character.

What made you go into fashion industry?

I got into the creative field by starting working on tv and film production with my father. Then I got fascinated with costumes, I worked with various production houses's costume department to learn about various techniques and mostly how to tell the story and characters in each individual pieces and as a whole production. I also fell in love with stage productions such as the ballet and the opera. The overall experience is something I like to express in my work. A piece that would reflect on the person who is wearing it. A piece that tells a story.

What is unique about TokyoGamine designs?

Perhaps it is the way I see things. I like to treat each piece as an individual piece in a gallery. What I am feeling at that moment is completely transferred into my work. And I think everyday we feel different things from our environment and surrounds, emotions from people we love and my current focus and my emotion makes me unique.

What inspires you?

Love of friends, family. Meeting new people, discovering to new places. Moments of happiness. Describe the girl who wears TokyoGamine? A modern woman who is fearless.

What other designers do you relate to, love?

Recently, delpozo. I love the architectural details in his work!

Which celebrity would you want to see wearing your designs?

Everyone!!! :) the brand is about the wearer, and how they would like to express themselves. I also would love to get into designing for any theatrical productions, cinema, theatre, ballet, and the opera.

What is next for TokyoGamine?

Ready to wear? :)

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