Who are the designers behind Tu Es Mon Tresor?

I am Aimi Sahara. I started “Tu es mon TRÉSOR” back in 2012 in Tokyo.

What inspired you to start the brand?

Before I started my brand around 2008, I always needed clothes that went well with Chanel bags ( and other luxury brand items ). Formal suits and dresses don’t fit a young girl’s lifestyle so the only answer was to create a pair of jeans that works with a Chanel bag.

What is unique about Tu Es Mon Tresor designs?

I add extra detail onto jeans that can be worn in everyday life. The aim was to create a classic pair of jeans with a twist that can be handed down through the generations. We wanted the design to be universal and practical while still retaining its high quality.


Describe the girl who wears Tu Es Mon Tresor?

Imagine a girl living in the countryside getting dressed up for a trip to the city. Like a child raiding her Mom’s closet, she’s wearing a Burberry trench coat, a Hermes scarf and a Chanel handbag.

What other designers do you relate to, love?

Coco Chanel has of course inspired me throughout my journey. I have also learned a lot about fashion from Miuccia Prada.

Which celebrity would you want to see wearing your designs?

I am really happy to say that incredibly influential celebrities including Rihanna already have been seen wearing “ Tu es mon TRÉSOR “ jeans.

Where can we buy Tu Es Mon Tresor?

In the US, you can buy at NORDSTORM, INTERMIX, M’ODA ‘OPERANDI, ikram etc. The “Tu es mon TRÉSOR” brand is stocked in several stores in the US including.

What is next for the line?

I would like to be able to complete with other successful brands in the fashion world.That’s why today I am trying to create a pure brand that moves away from commercialization and puts the consumer first.