photographed by Amaris Granado


STYLING  Olya DzilikhovaDasha Shkolnikova

HAIR Sascha Breue

MUA Katey Deeno


"All great things begin with a vision…a dream,” Estée Lauder once said.

Before setting the standard in 1946 for the entire beauty industry, by launching beauty company that will last for decades, Estee Lauder, in her own words, "dreamed of being an actress — name in lights, flowers, handsome men.” Although she is no longer with us,  she seems to be fulfilling  that dream through her great granddaughter, Danielle Lauder.  A young actress Danielle for a long time did not know that her grandmother wanted to be an actress. Danielle's passion for acting is likely the result of nature versus nurture, but there is no doubt this rising star's command of all things cosmetic is definitely genetic.

Juliet: Why acting and film? When did you become passionate about film and acting?

Danielle: I can’t decisively say what it was that sparked my interest, but as long as I can remember it’s the only thing that sparked my creativity and confidence. I can’t imagine chasing another dream.  I did theater growing up and throughout college. I started with smaller productions on stage and moved to film shortly after, I was always drawn to the big screen.

Juliet: Who are your female role models, icons?

Danielle: My great grandmother Estée and my grandmother Evie are the two most inspiring people to me. I’m also impressed by so many educated, poised, smart and talented actresses like Betty White, Veronica Lake, Great Garbo and Natalie Portman- when I hear Icon I think style + Imagery which is what I think these women embody. They’re brilliant in terms of acting, but also in terms of influence. Amy Schumer is an unparalleled comedienne. There’s not that much comedy driven toward women and she can be raunchy and crude, but is refreshingly unapologetic about it. She’s so self-deprecating while being comfortable with herself. I love that she’s flipping the narrative for female and male stereotypes in society.

Juliet: So what does Danielle Lauder's every day look like? 

Danielle: It can range from meetings with actors/filmmakers to catching up with friends and family, all depends on which coast I am on at the moment but it definitely always includes time with my new puppy.

Juliet: What are your hobbies?

Danielle: Surfing, skin care/makeup, mixing my own masks, drawing/sketching and tap dancing.


Juliet: Your thoughts on fashion today? 

Danielle: I am loving the athleisure/loungewear that is popping up all over the fashion industry. Any sort of statement pieces or statement shows are always great because I appreciate a curated of any art form.

Juliet:  Do you find fashion restricting at any point? Or the expectations of how you should look?

Danielle: Definitely. There’s always pressure to look or present yourself a certain way, especially with the career path I choose. As much as I love to dress up and experiment with my hair and makeup, it gets exhausting doing all of that, especially if I just need to leave the house for an errand. But there’s always the possibility of meeting someone you know or someone you should know… so it’s more just being consistent with how you put yourself together than having to really stress about how to craft such a unique or intricate style.

Juliet: How do you feel about influencers/ bloggers ?

Danielle: Social Media in general today is so useful in fashion/beauty space, especially when it comes to  buying items but  find that I am more likely to be inspired than influenced by most of the pages I follow.

 Danielle Lauder shot by Amaris Granado Jolie Gazette
Van Gogh Studio