Did Mel B spill the beans on Royal wedding musicians?

This couple likes to do it their way. That said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have booked the best wedding music band possible. THE SPICE GIRLS! How do we know? Well, Mel B sorta spilled the bean in an interview she did with Harpers Bazaar. She was asked if she is invited to the wedding and she said, "I am going" followed by "all spice girls" are.  Then she was asked if there is a chance they'll be singing at the wedding reception and to that Mel B threw her talking cards in the air, in defeat. 


Tell us what you want , what you really ,really want? We want to see the entire royal family grooving to Spice girls. Right ? 

The Spice Girls are re-uniting for a tour in the late Summer of 2018. It looks like they'll be stopping by Prince Harry's and Meghan's wedding on May 19th.