Blogger Miroslava Duma once again faces backlash for racism.

Accident or intentional you be the judge, but one thing for sure if you are not white, you do not use "n-word".  For those like Mira Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko, we'd like to clarify,  this word weights down with so much history and so much pain that is impossible to avoid when someone like you make such harsh mistake. The use of this word isn’t based on how nice you are or how many black friends you have or how many hip-hop songs you know. It’s exhausting to have to explain that using this word comes as a response to all the real-world ramifications of being black. 

Now-deleted Instagram story post from Russian street style Miroslava Duma shows a photo of bouquet of flowers from Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko, with the note, "To my n*ggas in Paris". Post went viral and made a lot people are upset. 


Of all the people they travel the world the most and not knowing basic cultural things is embarrassing. There are borderlines that you just don't cross. Another attempt by Mira to show off how edgy and cool she is. Act of stupidity or defamation?
 This isn't  the first time Duma comes under fire for racism. She once featured an image of a white woman using a Black woman as a chair on her website.


Naomi Campbell who posted Mira's post to her Instagram story commented, " This better not be real @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow"

To make matters worse, Sergeenko issued an "apology" of sorts to her Instagram and shortly after deleted it from her Instagram.


The Tot ( children's store that sells stylish products for conscious parents) removed Miroslava Duma from the board of directors after this incident.

" We at The Tot are deeply shocked by the offensive and racist post shared last night by Miroslava Duma during Parish Fashion Week. In no way do those actions or statements reflect the values of The Tot. Cultural reference or not, racism in any form is unacceptable, regardless of whether it's accidental or unintentional. Words are powerful and we know those words hurt. Effectively immediately, we have removed Miroslava Duma from the board of our company."