Think food truck, but with lip gloss. Because more lipstick, never enough right girls? 

Kylie Jenner filed to trademark a Kylie Truck, and a Kylie Jenner Truck. The idea's is so to roll through neighborhoods serving up lip kits and other Kylie-stamped gift items because what else that family wouldn't try to make the money. 

No, Kylie will not be driving the truck and no, that lipstick will not make you lips look like Kylie's. That takes expensive fillers and plastic surgery. But go ahead and buy it, make that family richer. 

Kylie's uber successful makeup line sells out all the time online and as if that's not enough it looks like she's is now bringing the product directly to her customers.

How about a truck to bring toys to kids in need huh? It's holiday season. Does that  ever cross your mind?