Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

Celebrities always draw attention of the public. And when they exit the stage, they are quickly forgotten. Who recalls celebrity couple of the 60's, Delon and Schneider? They were the most beautiful couple of the time ...


Romy was born on September 23, 1938 in Vienna. Her full name - Rosemarie Magdalena Albach. Almost everyone in the family were related to the acting profession. Rosemary's mother Magda Schneider was a German movie star, Wolf Albach-Rhett's father came from a family of hereditary actors Austria, paternal grandmother was also an actress. Young Rosemary soon got involved in the world of cinema art. She began filming at 15 years, along with her mother. Her first film was melodrama, "When lilacs bloom White" (1953) and "March of the Emperor" (1955) and both brought fame to aspiring actress.

Worldwide recognition came to her after the role of the Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria, in the famous movie "Sissi". In the next 20 years Rosemary has become a well-known actress in Austria. But she got tired of melodrama, the actress was hoping for a more complex role, and wanted to get rid of the guardianship family, which led her financial affairs. She did not appear in the sequel of Sissy in 1958 and inside moved to Paris. There she was immediately offered the lead role in the movie "Christine". Romy insisted that she chooses a partner for the film. After reviewing a lot of photos, she chose a little-known actor Alain Delon.


Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon was a full name of the young French star. Alain was born on November 8, 1935 in the suburbs of Paris. His parents separated when Alain was very young. Alain spend few years with his adoptive parents, often getting himself into trouble due to his difficult character. Subsequently, the trait of his character often spoiled his events in life. Intemperate character initially hindered his career. He went into the army and was sent to Indochina. There, young Delon almost always was on disciplinary punishment.

After demobilization he could not get a job, or rather, did not get along at work and was soon fired. The future famous film actor and a good friend, Jean-Claude Brialy offered Alain Delon to try himself in movies. First, Delon did not want to take on the role, but Jean-Claude's persistence won. Alain was given a major role and by 1958 became known in the world of cinema. Alain had been summoned to appear in the film "Christina".

How they met

Romy Schneider arrived at the shoot in Paris. She met many fans. Alain Delon, too, came to an official meeting with a bouquet of scarlet roses. Delain did not like his partner and he even said something unpleasant to her. The relationship of the partners on the set, too, did not develop. Both were very different: she was brought up in a rather strict German traditions, and Alain was this windy Frenchman with an explosive, unrestrained character. She was a European celebrity, he was still noone.

They constantly argued. However, immediately after they finished shooting Romy flew to Paris, to see Alain. Alain rented an apartment, and they began to live together. Romy's family was shocked by this immorality and insisted on a formal wedding. In 1959, Alain and Romy got engaged, but their constant quarrels and scandals continued.

Alain Delon was always the initiator of scandals in their relationship. He could get into an arguments with Romy and leave her for a long time. Then he'd came back, he'd be forgiven and everything went on as before. Romy and Alain flew together to Italy. Director Visconti filmed Alain Delon in his film "Rocco and His Brothers". Tense shooting, joint work in the play "What a pity that you slag" did not leave time to prepare for the wedding. Although perhaps it was not the reason. They could not get along, get accustomed to each other.

During summer of 1963 reporters photographed Alain Delon in an embrace with some blonde. Month later Alain told Romy, through a friend, that he was going to part with her and that he had another woman. Romy found out that Allain was married and had a son. Two years later Alain Delon with his wife, Nathalie and son moved "to conquer Hollywood." But Delon did not bring much success to Hollywood movies.

Parting with Delon wasn't an easy ordeal for Romy Schneider. It was rumored that she wanted to commit suicide. Then she met Harry Meyen, who worked in the Berlin theater. Harry's dated Romy and even divorced from his first wife. Soon they were married and had a son, David. It seemed that life began to improve. But it was just an illustion ... In 1969, Alain Delon phoned Romy and offered a join her in the film "Swimming Pool". Romy agreed.

What did she expect to work or to revive old feelings? After the filming, she recalled that is was nothing more but a passion on screen. But Journalists wrote about the reunion of the famous couple, printed photos where Romy and Alain hug at the airport of Nice while saying goodbyes. Their reunion never happend, however Romy family life derailed.

Harry could not forgive her affair with Delon, he drank and fell into a depression. In 1973 they divorced. Their son remained with Romy. After the divorce Romy began to drink and soon faced problems with health . But it was in the 70s, in spite of the depression, alcohol abuse and the disease Romy Schneider has played her best role. After her divorce from Harry, Romy Schneider married her young secretary, Daniel Byazini. He looked a lot like Delon. She gave birth to a daughter, Sarah. But this marriage did not last long as well.

The couple divorced and ex-husband took her daughter. In 1979, Harry Meyen committed suicide. Romi Schneider almost had a nervous breakdown, she accused herself of her ex-husband's death. Alain Delon was not a good family man either. In 1969 he met the actress Mireille Darc, who became his wife. Despite the constant scandals the marriage lasted 13 years. In 1987, the actor appeared with third wife - Rosalie Van Bremen. The couple had two children. Alain described himself as a bachelor since 1997.

In 1981, Romy's son David died a terrible and absurd death. He forgot the keys and had to climb over the fence with sharp stakes, which killed the boy. Romy was inconsolable. She would not go outside and only met with Alain Delon, who supported her as best he could and helped her with the funeral. Romy only briefly outlived her son.

Romy Schneider died at her home on May 29, 1982. It was said that she commited suicide. But the verdict of doctors was heart attack. Funeral was planned by Alain Delon. Mother and son were put in a grave together. Delon brought red roses to her grave, like those he brought when greeting Romy at the airport in Paris.