Peter Lindbergh

Some of the greatest shoots in history done by Peter Lindbergh. Images created in his factory are truly eternal.


Poland born German photographer and filmmaker, Peter Lindbergh began his career when he moved to Paris in 1978 and starter working internationally for Vogue, first the Italian, then the English, French, German and American Vogue. It was Anna Wintour who signed Lindbergh for the magazine. He shot Miss Wintour's first, then revolutionary Amercian Vogue, November 1988 cover. One of the unique approaches to Lindbergh's photography is the use of black and white with industrial guts in the background, giving it a deconstructed kind of beauty.  Lindbergh loves women and his eye is the eye responsible for defining the era of a supermodel. Let's dive in some of his greatest work done.

Text by: Miles Socho