Fusion Frames by Darryl Cox


People forget that the frame is part of the art and  it does a lot  for the canvas. We discovered this artist and fell in love. To purchase his art, please visit http://www.fusionframesnw.com/

I enjoy constructing Fusion Frames. Seeking out a unique frame and then spending a day in the Central Oregon forest searching for a just right piece of Manzanita wood to blend with the frame is enjoyable in and of itself. Then, each project involves woodworking, painting, a bit of sculpting, and sometimes metal or glasswork. Dedicating the hours of time fashioning a frame that seamlessly incorporates man-made as well as natural elements into a single piece of art that captures so much imagination, is truly rewarding. Tailoring a frame with special, sentimental objects for someone is even more rewarding — it captures so much life!
— Daryl Cox