Energy gymnastics to help you look and feel younger

What is energy gymnastics? It is a few simple exercises that take about 5 minutes. They can be done while relaxing in bed or while standing up. There is one thing they cannot be and that is to be underestimated.

There is a legend that everyone who does it in 5 quick minutes is able to perform miracles, and if done regularly might even make you look younger.

Energy gymnastics allows you to dump energy debris and open channels for fresh energy. This gymnastics allows to increase the coefficient of emotional intelligence. It is used by many healers to restore energy balance, improve the performance of all organs and systems.

Diagnostic instruments capable of measuring the energy field of a person and the color of his aura, show changes immediately after performing these exercises. The contours of the aura are aligned embracing evenly the whole body and acquire white-blue colors.

Those who do these exercises daily have the ability to self-heal.

Exercise 1. Circular rotation with feet feet 4 times in both directions.

Exercise 2. Circular rotation of the legs with bent knees 4 times in both directions.

Exercise 3. Circular rotation of the hip joint, alternate right and left 4 times in both directions.

Exercise 4. Lift up the buttocks, perform rotational movements of the pelvis 4 times in different directions.

Exercise 5. Rotational movements with the brushes of both hands forwards and backwards 4 times.

Exercise 6. Rotational movements of the elbow joints of both arms forward and back 4 times.

Exercise 7. Rotational movements of the humeral joints of both arms forward and back 4 times.

Exercise 8. Having risen on the elbows, perform head inclinations 4 times forward-backward, then circular head rotation on and counter-clockwise also 4 times.

Exercise 9. Rotational movements with eyes 4 times forward-back and also in and counter-clockwise.

Exercise 10. Lift above the bed, provided that it is quite stiff, leaning on the feet and shoulder blades, the legs are bent at the knees, we make progressive alternating movements with one of our knees, as if we are moving forward, hands on the pillow under the head. There is a twisting of the spine and vertebrae in place from the lumbar to the cervical spine.

If we are standing up, then these exercises are performed on slightly bent knees, located toes slightly inward, at shoulder level.

At the end of the energy gymnastics, rub your hands and feet - stop on the foot, rub your ears and wrists.

Energy gymnastics is best done when you are most comfortable. Gradually getting used to, you will feel better and better, younger and more cheerful!

Text Irina Zamanin