Beauty is in the eye of the…

In today’s society “starve yourself to death” should be on the cover of those high-class, glossy magazines presenting an excessively pouty model who could fit into an average size persons jeans twice over. “Our secret to the perfect bikini body!” We flip the pages of goddesses to find that yes, we too can have the perfect summer body…if we drop 100 pounds and get a face transplant…


Corsets and girdles wrapped around bodies, nipping and tucking away the features we hate most- "love handles." The eventual red mark is left for hours to remind of the pain we just put the body through. Our make-up has slowly started to become a crutch. My best friend once said to me that made me ponder and lose hope.

"You must be pretty special if I am letting you see me without an eyeliner."

We put in lashes, string and wax our eyebrows, we use hair extensions. What once was natural is now soft makeup and hair ironed at over 200+ degrees. We, as a society, have lost ourselves.

 The world is changing and so are our standards, there is not one preference. 34" chest, 24" waist, 34" hips are not the standard sizes. A little more volume can attract just as much attention today.

It is not impossible to fall in love with your flaws. Our bodies are beautiful!
The object sends our eyes on a mission to wander and find something that we don't find so alluring about ourselves. That object is the your mirror. Mirror may be yourbest friend oryour worst enemy.  You alone is the decision maker.

Let go of "model standards" and just take a day to ditch the pounds of accessories.  Maybe, just maybe it will become the day you fall in love with what God gave you.

Text Stephanie Ortiz