Red for Strength, not Attention!

 Red lipstick has been used by women for decades as a means of attracting attention. But did you know that Red Lipstick in fact more than anything else is about female strength ? Yes, it wasn't always socially accepted and back then women wearing red lipstick were seen as vulgar and easy. "The first and most famous manifestation of red lipstick was in fact in New York when the suffragettes took to the streets, banded together, and as part of their defiance and fight for the vote, they all wore bright red lipstick," explains Madeleine Marsh, author of "Compacts and Cosmetics," During the war women wore red lipstick as part of the fight against enemy. How about it?
But not everyone liked red lipstick. French fashion designer Coco Chanel found it along with red nail polish vulgar, complaining that house guests left stains on her glassware and table linens. With time however, red lips became a fashionable and stylish tool for 21 century’s Fashionistas. Wearing red lipstick really does make women feel more confident, powerful and gorgeous. Carrying your red lips alongside denim short and a tee makes a playful combination don't you agree?

Text by: Sirana Petrosyan