DIY tips on Flawless Ombre'

  1.  Get Educated - The only way to have a fab DIY ombre hair is to make sure you actually know how to do it right. There are plenty of YouTube videos for you to see. Find a few good once and take notes.
  2.  Get an Example - Find an example on your favorite celebrity or friends so you have a general sense of what you want to achieve.
  3.  Choose the Highlight Kit - Head over to Target or your local beauty store and find that perfect kit. Try to find a dye with bleach built-in so that you don't have to bleach and dye your hair separately. It damages your hair a lot!
  4.  Use Foil - Apply your bleach and dye generously and use foil to prevent them from drying while doing their magic on your hair.
  5.  Separate your hair - Do not do all of your hair at once especially if you have thick or long hair. Separate them into two layers. Highlight the ends of your bottom layer first and take your time and remember to cover each highligh with foil.
  6.  Make each foil a different length so it looks like your hair gradually lightens rather than abruptly.
  7.  Pile on the dye towards the ends - that is where the lightest part should be.
  8.  Don't overbleach!
  9.  Highlight and Blend!
  10.  Use purple shampoo to wash it it will tone down your hair and give you a more natural tone.
  11. Rock it!

Text by: Maria DeSilva