Beauty Trends of 2015 What Should Stay and What Needs To Go

The story of 2015 will be remembered as a wild one. We’ll tell future generations it was the year Givenchy came to NY, the year of the first U.S. Men’s Fashion Week and the year Donna Karan took a bow goodbye. Accompanying the highs and lows are the trends that altered the masses. Below are the styles we loved and want to see in 2016 followed by ones that should be left behind with the New Year.

What Should Stay…

Korean Skin Products American retailers and consumers have welcomed the Korean beauty market and it appears that they are here to stay. The most well adopted products are from their skin care lines, such as the charcoal masks that went viral on YouTube for peeling off black heads after minutes of use.

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Dark 90’s Lips

Marc Jacobs among other designers gave us 90’s grunge feels when he dressed his models in lips of deep plums and browns.


By definition a strobbing technique adds layers of highlights the skin, creating a dewy look. A shift from the matte complexions that have exhausted our Instagram and YouTube feeds.

What Needs To Go…

Obnoxious Hair Colors - The florescent hair colors have to go, it’s been seen on pop stars, bloggers and rebellious teens alike. Bright hues are out, emerging is faint pastels try taking the hues down several notches with your next dye.


Contouring To The Extreme

Highlight here, darken there now blend, blend, blend. The days of contour sculpting are over and we couldn’t be happier. In the year consider trading out your contour kits with a highlighter and try strobbing instead.